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Confidence is the foundation upon which KR Custom Builders rests. In 2001, we launched as a boutique builder of custom homes.  The question that drove nearly every decision—from positioning the home on the lot to the performance of the garage door opener—was, “Would we live in this home?”

This level of detail and care carries forward in our home renovations. We guide our clients through design, scheduling, and construction using our thoughtful, honest, and assuring Production Process.  Our attentiveness to client’s needs is authentic.  Our process is sensible and detailed. Our craftsmanship is refined. Our project sites are clean.

In a word, KR builds confidence as we build your dreams.

Confidence & Craftsmanship

We strive to re-invent the client contractor relationship so that it is built on the foundation of transparency, collaboration, quality, and value. We know the merits of your home renovation experience will only flourish equal to the quality of our relationships with trade partners, vendors, and you. That’s why we vet and develop only the best.

One of my father’s finest finish carpenters would say, “the tool does not make the craftsman.” Craftsmanship begins with attitude and is proven in outcomes. We strive to hire attitude and oversee for excellence.


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