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We are pleased you have decided to explore our services and review our work. We believe that we must first build your confidence in us before you invite us to become the builder of your home and remodeling dreams. Hopefully what you experience here will suggest that we have the knowledge, professionalism, and ability to deliver value to become your building contractor.

Purchase one of our current homes . . .

Building a house without a buyer may be considered risky by some. This is not the case for KR Custom Builders. You will sense the moment you cross the threshold into one of our foyers that this house was built with you in mind. And, in fact, it was. Each home, from conception to completion, is built from a homeowner's perspective. Our architects work and rework drawings, interior designers select fixtures and floor coverings, and our craftsman under our daily supervision work as a team to build each home with the goal to delight you. Words truly can not describe it. Take a tour with the links to the left of our current homes and models. Better yet, let us give you a personal tour by contacting us directly.


Invite us to build your next home. . .

Imagine! A powerful force that describes the opportunity to lay your dreams into the foundations of your new home. Let KR Custom Builders be your "imagineers" in constructing your home dreams.

Or remodel your existing home. . .

To take something that exists and make it better . . . this is one of the greatest fulfillments we have as remodeling contractors. The journey through the transformation of your living spaces allows us to listen to your needs, design your dream, and then minimize the stress of constructing your new living space. We would be honored if you would give us a call so we can explore how you might begin this process. We would also proudly provide you with names of homeowners who have recently completed a home renewal with KR Custom Builders as their remodeling partner.

KR Custom Builders only uses Licensed and Insured contrators for all work!